Check Out The Ten Best Jobs In Texas For College Grads in 2017

A college graduate has a lot on their minds when leaving their school and entering the real world. Where am I going to live, how will I put my education to good use, and, most importantly, where am I going to get a job?

Our friends at Zippia have tried to ease the minds of some of the graduates by compiling a list of the best jobs in 2017 for Texas graduates. Some are quite surprising!

1. Computer Systems Analysts

2. Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers

3. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

4. Sales Engineers

5. Database Administrators

6. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists. 

7. Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education

8. Credit Counselours

9. Web Developers

10. Technical Writers

They also broke down how they determined best entry level jobs in Texas and provide a detailed list of top entry level positions. The extensive list includes growth percentage, typical entry wages and number of jobs within the next 7 years.

Check out their full breakdown here and see what careers could be waiting for your!

Photo: Getty Images

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