Garth Brooks Announces 30 Show Tour - Hints At Texas Shows

Garth Brooks held a press conference today at the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville to announce a 30 show stadium tour starting in the spring of 2019. 

The first two shows of the tour have been announced as his 30 show run kicks off in St. Louis and then heads to Phoenix for show two. 

Garth then hinted at thanking a few people with shows. Those were the Kraft Family who own the New England Patriots, and an unnamed family in Texas. Though not confirmed, the reported family being alluded to is the Jones Family in Dallas. 

Interesting enough is Garth also announced a huge show at Notre Dame Stadium that includes a Student Sound Check where students with valid school ID's can get into the Sound Check for free and ask questions. It will also serve as a scholarship fundraiser with tickets being sold and going back to the university. 

Other news to come out of the press conference includes that this will be split between pro and college stadiums. 

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