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Someone Left THIS On My Car At Nutty Brown Saturday Night....

Live Music IS BACK in Central Texas. We have shows at Nutty Brown in Austin almost every week. (Which, by the way you can win tickets every week all summer long on my show)

Saturday Night, it finally didn't rain in Austin! It was a beautiful night in Austin, and we had some great live music. Keller Cox opened up the night, followed by Kat Hasty, and the main act of the night, Flatland Cavalry.

I always get to the venue pretty early, because I like to talk with the band and people from the venue so when I go on stage, I know what I'm talking about. I was basically the first one there. (This will be important later)

For most of the concert, it was a normal night. Got on stage a few times, had some Ranch Waters, and talked to some great people! Once the show ended, and I walked back to my car, things started to get a little weird.

Once I got to my car, I noticed something weird on the hood of my car. When I walked up...I realized what it was. It was half of a sticky bra. (I only know this because my wife uses them, you believe that? haha)

I thought twice about picking it up off my car, because, gross. But I did. Only to find that this Bra was no accident, it was used to suction cup a note to the hood of my car.

The note said "Pls be single. add us :)" Then, it listed their social media handles and they both signed the note at the bottom.

I have soooo many questions.

Did they see me leave my car? (I was the first one there thought)

Do they know what I drive?

Was this bra taken off and put half of it on my car?

Was this an extra bra?

So much confusion.....BUT HILARIOUS.

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